Wednesday, May 11, 2011

~ tomorrow never died my friend...!! ~

today is Sunday
everythings is beautiful
you and me
we together walk along
through this road
under the sky
above the ground
the sun shines bright
the air smell fresh
the view is green
the flower seems cheerful
with together combined of colour
green yellow red and white
yes, i still remember
as we walk
you said you like white colour
then i give to you white rose
you smell it
then you kiss it
i look at you
and you smile back to me
and that's the most happiest day for us...

friend, school, family, teacher, happy and sad
together we face it
sometimes i feel that
i'm force to face
a smile, a slaught
everyday my life
but you always reminds me
problems is just like sugar to coffee
without sugar, coffee is not complete
not sweet and not delicious

some goes to problems
without problems our life is not cheerful
problems make our life meaningful
it shines our life
it give us its own sweetness
but, if only we realize it
so, my friend
i will not turn back
i will stand straight
i will fight for my right
whole of my heart still here
together we face
solve it, feel it
i know you right
you always right
and that's why you are my best friend

WEDNESDAY shown itself
time go on
it's never reminds us
you always said that
time is like our friend
if you be nice to them
they will be nice to you
once you make it your enemy it will kill you
because time is the most powerful element in our life
but my friend
something is happen here
it just like something go wrong
for the first time
i knew it, you far from me
so far till i can't reach you
now, we are clash without sign
you leave me
i wonder why, why you leave me
till now, i can't still understand
what are really happen
maybe i didn't know how to show it
or maybe i didn't know how to say
without warning you leave me here
alone, loneliness, no companion, no friend
it's seem like no more sun
no more moon
and no more star to shines me
everything is dark
so dark as night with no star
so i am
confused and so much ruse
when will this come to end???

moon goes down, sun goes up
WEDNESDAY left behind
THURSDAY come new
everything just like yesterday
everything is completely change
so buddy, here i am once again
i'm torn into pieces
can't deny it, can't pretend it
just talk you are the one
broken up deep inside
but you won't get to see the tears i cry
behind this lonely eyes
i told you everything
is what i pretend to be
so together but so broken up inside
cause i can't breath
no i can't sleep
i'm barely hanging on
if you let me know
that i can't let go
release me from this pain
please, i beg you
don't leave me without word
i need some explaination
what is the truth
although i know truth is bitter, false is sweeter
i just want you to know
since you been gone
i can't breath for the first time
i'm so moving on
thanks to you
now i feel so loneliness

A to Z
i'm so tired of being here
depress by all the things i fear
and if you have to leave
i wish that you just leave
cause your presence still lingers here
and it won't leave me alone
this wound won't seem to heat
this pain is just to real
there's just too much that time cannot erase
my heart grow to evil
there's a hate in my heart to you
swallow me then spit me out
for hating you
i blame myself
just seeing you it kill me now
no, no i don't cry on the outside
cause for me you just like shadow
you come if you like
you leave if you hate

the first always come to last
and the last always come to SATURDAY
now i understand you leave me with a reason
a reason that you have a duty
duty that never last forever
from ALLAH you come
and to ALLAH you gone
by MALAIKAT JIBRIL you through
your hardest time of life ( sakratul maut )
take or leave
do or not
love or hate
heaven or paradise
all of thing are counted there
once you gone there
there's no turning back
there's a lot of regret there
regret that never come to end
i feel sad
sad because i can't see you
for the last time
but i promise i will always remember
our memory that we gain together
all the happiness and sorrow
we share together
no matter what happen
i will always remember you
i will not leave myself leave with sorrow
cause my heart so much misery

my friend
i know you want me to finish my duty
on this world
never play so much until you forgot
what you are here
i just want you to know
this some word to remember
i have tried so hard to tell to myself that you are gone
out through, you are still here with me
i've been waiting here for you
alone all alone
tomorrow never friend!!!

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