Friday, April 5, 2013

~ i'm not expected anything =) ~

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim and greetings to all..

It's a long time since i don't wrote entry, new post..since we're being busy lately in Zagazig, i don't have much time for this.. 

Just a short post bout my birthday..rasa sangat2 bersyukur dan dihargai when dorang celebrated my birthday few times..lots of thanks to all, really like it, love all of you so much..speechless because i don't even remembered may own birthday since it's too much things happened here..

celebrated it sehari awal with my classmates, so i don't expected it even many weird thing happened..bila cerita balik it's kinda funny because they try really hard to covered it & they don't want to make it looked suspicious..

thanks to my bestie ameera for the lunch..and also oldie friend nuha nara for those cake & choc milk..also to ex-housemates that try hard to make a surprised birthday party & to my roomate nafisah, and all..i'm really2 appreciate all of these things you all make to make me happy..i won't forget them..

best date ever..


3rd cake..happy bila sampai rumah ada kek dr kak najwa..
it's really yummy..

4th cake from kak ili, celebrate with my SC's family..
yummy moist cake~

hadiah from it, harga tak seberapa tak apa,
tapi ada nilai sentimental tersendiri..

at pizza alex (fatirah chocolate)    

pizza seafood.. best~


  1. assalamualaikum biey sayang!! sorry sgt2 alah tak wish birthday awak. tapi takpe, alah selalu doakan smg biey sihat, panjang umur and murah rezeki. smg biey sukses selalu ye. salam rindu dari jauhh.

  2. wassalam alah...xpe la...syukran coz slalu doakan biey kat sini, skrg ni tgh demam sket + dgn perubahan cuaca...rindu zaman kita lepak rmai2 msa matrik dlu...salam sayang & rindu dr bumi zagazig..