Thursday, January 23, 2014

~ winter break is coming ~

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim and greetings to all..

Alhamdulillah, praised to Allah The Almighty, it's already half of the new semester..
our winter break starting it so much..
have been struggle in tons of work and classes..
we've been waiting for this time long time ago.. 

and, i hear that alexandria university already gave permission to give a months holiday to their students..
i like, woaahh~ syok giler..
i just hope my university also gave the exactly same for us..
i'm going to along's house tomorrow..
already called her, and she said, she already asked for ummi's permission to go home..
i'm more like waaa~ best sgt2..
miss my home, miss family, my bed, my room..
but, if and only if we both got exactly same a month holiday..
well, i'm lovin' the offer but need to think 'bout it carefully..
my midyear exam not done yet..
we're having it after the winter break..
so, it's not so fun when i still need to bring book everywhere..
but, it's okay as long as i have free time to do the notes..

that's all for now..hohoho..
i'll use this holidays perfectly..
just don't want to regret anything, anymore..
biiznillah, amin.. 

planning for the holidays : cover all the subject, going to dumiyat, and spend time with along..
insyaAllah, if there's a chance, we'll be back to Malaysia.. =)

Dumiyat [picture from friend]  p/s:nak kutip kerang banyak2 


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